I like happy things ^_^


I'm a chick & I'm 24 yrs old.
Google says there are 5,860+ results for 'frenzychick'. Not all of those are me but the majority are ;)
Also, the wind's telling me to go north, so I will.

post scriptum
Top tag on my blog is Music. I'm posting as I go along, until I can go back to my old schedule.

Thursdays are Oldies Night.
Fridays are Old School.
Saturdays are Slow Jams.
Sundays are Feel Good Sundays.
Mondays to Wednesdays are dedicated to kpop, cpop, jpop, ppop, tpop, vpop, all of that good stuff ^_^

This is also my personal blog.

I do not claim to own any of these pictures and videos unless stated so.

I try to put credits on all pictures and videos posted unless I cannot find them or they're reblogs.
I label everything, you could always just Google.
So no bitching about me not crediting.

photoblog.with.love & TravelBlog & musicfm are maintained by me.

More Happy Person
Be Like Mike
Bless us, oh Lord
For these thy gifts
Which we are about to receive

And ye though I walk through the valley of no food I will fear no hunger. We want you to give us this day, our daily bread and to the republic for which it stands, and´╗┐ through the power invested in me, I now pronounce us ready to eat.
Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg) in Sister Act
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